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Movies Filmed in New Orleans

Artists of all types have always flocked to New Orleans for its unique, off-the-wall, and inspiring culture, so it’s not surprising that films have used the beauty of the Big Easy for the backdrop to their scenes. However, the film industry in New Orleans has taken off more than ever in the most recent years. Movies filmed in New Orleans are now a common practice, not restricting their sets to the tourist-filled areas of French Quarter, but also using some of the mansions along St. Charles and the enchanting oaks in Audubon Park.

Movies filmed in New Orleans receive a unique tax incentive package from Louisiana, created in 2002. The incentive includes a 30% tax credit that is transferable to any motion picture investor, since many do not have Louisiana tax liability. This incentive brought on a huge surge of applications, with 150 applications sent to Louisiana in 2011 alone. With the increase of movies filmed in New Orleans, the skilled film crew base has grown more than 400 percent since 2002. It is a booming industry with 46 movies shot in New Orleans and half a billion added to the New Orleans economy through the entertainment business.


Famous Movies Filmed in New Orleans

21 Jump StreetNew Orleans Movie Theater Seats

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Big Momma’s House 2

The Campaign


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Double Jeopardy

The Final Destination

Interview with the Vampire

The Last Exorcism

The Pelican Brief


The Skeleton Key

This Is the End

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Upcoming Movies Filmed in New Orleans

22 Jump Street





New Orleans Film Festival

To celebrate the wonderful world of cinema, the 24th annual New Orleans Film Festival will take place October 10-17, 2013. Last year’s festival screened 200 films over the course of eight days with more than 17,000 attendees including 170 filmmakers. The festival is a great time to be in New Orleans, so book with Bienville House to be near the action!